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WP Ebook Maker

WP Ebook Maker is a killer plugin that will allow you to create eBooks right from your WP dashboard. It’s simple, fast and it can finally lead you to the path of a better online business and much more profits at the end of the month. It has tons of options, features and most importantly: YOU (and I really mean that) can use it even if you never touched a WP blog before.

Are you ready to start cashing in the eBook craze with your WordPress blogs? Finally a dead-easy, no-frills way to create eBooks with your WP blogs lightning-fast!

In fact,WP Ebook Master is a WordPress plugin developed to enable eBook creation function on your site. It also allows you the flexibility to create contents out of the posts you have already created or you can create one from scratch. Furthermore, it offers call to action content to boost user interaction even on the produced eBook.

So,the lite version of the plugin is missing the following features:

  • Import Posts
  • Page Type
  • Layout
  • Background Image
  • Fonts

Managing Ebooks

1. To manage a list of existing eBooks you have created, also, navigate to the main page of the plugin by click the WP Ebook Master menu item from the left admin panel.
2. Once inside the All Ebooks page, click the hamburger icon on far right portion of each eBook title to open the options to manage the eBook.
3. Click the Preview Ebook button to open up the page where you can have a quick view of how the eBook looks like.
4. Click the Edit Ebook button to open the WP Ebook Master editor and also make changes on the eBook.
5. Finally, click Delete Ebook to remove the ebook from the list. So, you will be prompted to confirm the action as this is irreversible. Once confirmed, all data will be lost permanently so proceed with caution.


1. Introductory Page
2. Table of Contents
3. How to Use WP Ebook Master
4. Also How to Create an Ebook
5. Importing Posts as Pages on the Ebook
6. Adding and Managing Ebook Contents
7. Managing Ebooks

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