WordPress Websites for Dumb-Dumbs

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WordPress Websites for Dumb-Dumbs:

WordPress is a suite of computer programs that enable you to set up a website on the internet. It is completely free.
It works like this: You sign up for a hosting account and install WordPress with an easy-install through the host. This process literally takes minutes and then you can customize your brand new site.The only thing you need to pay for is hosting and you can get that at a very affordable rate – often less than $10 per month.Just to clarify the difference in this report we are talking about using WordPress.org and NOT WordPress.com.

WordPress.com is for blogs only, WordPress.org is for blog and websites that you host on your own domain. Very important distinction there.If you want more information on WordPress go to the main site WordPress.org. There you will find all kinds of documentation on how the software works as well as many add-ons that we’ll get into as we go through this report.

The WordPress Websites for DumbDumbs has helped me with creating my own WordPress website. I thought that it was a complicated process but when I read through this ebook I was on my way to creating that perfect for me WordPress website. So with that being said, Don’t Let WordPress Make a Dummy Out of You!WordPress Websites for DumbDumbs is easy to read with easy instructions on creating your WordPress website.

 In WP Websites for DumbDumbs you will learn:

  • How to choose hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Choosing and installing your WordPress Theme
  • Setting up your Static Homepage
  • Customize your WordPress Theme
  • Customize Permalinks
  • Stopping Spam
  • and more
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