Website Planning Checklist

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Website Planning Checklist:

The first step in creating your new website is to figure out how you want to portray yourself online. Get really clear on who your brand is and what you stand for.Determining site goals before you begin the process of building your website will help you build with your goals in mind.You can work with a designer for your visuals, or do it yourself, but make sure that they are consistent with the rest of your marketing materials.

Consistency develops trust with your audience and makes you look more professional.Planning your site out now will save you time and money in the long run. Being thorough and deliberate with your site planning will result in a better user experience for your site visitors.The design and layout of your website can have a big effect on your site visitors. A professional design will boost your credibility and a well-planned out layout can increase conversions.

Table of Contents

1.Brand Identity
2. Goals
3. Visual Branding
4. Site Plan
5. Website Content
6. Site Design & Layout
7. Site Development

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