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Product Description

Video marketing is defined as a marketing strategy use by companies. To promote their products and services by using short, attractive and informative videos. The basic objective of developing and using such videos is to induce product awareness in the prospective customers. And entice them into purchasing the promoted products and services. It is also essential to note this  marketing is basically a strategy of marketing products through video as people sometimes confuse it with marketing the videos.

Communication through videos has always been the most efficient means of conveying your message successfully to your audience. As it is a well-known phrase that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Video communication is a potential mode of communication to reach thousands of people. A visual presentation instead of textual material is not only attractive. And visually appealing but also remains in the minds of the visitor for a long time. This is why today video communication is getting more and more important. And companies are trying to improve their marketing efficiency through this marketing. And giving its importance this book is dedicated to give you, an in depth information about  Marketing.

If you want to become a successful online marketer and want to stand out of your competitors through incorporating effective marketing tactics. By incorporating videos in your websites and other online sources. Than this book is essential for you. And will help you explore not only the importance and the scope of this marketing but also it will help you to explore how to create and develop an effective, and ways to embed it in your websites. Further we will discuss several tips and tactics that can improve the efficiency of your videos. Hence this book presents a complete outlook on video marketing.

Table of contents:

1 – Introduction to use of video online
2 – Scope of using videos
4 – Basic categories of online videos
5- Viral video
6 – Promotional video
7 – Educational video
8 – Online videos and business objectives
9 – Selecting a video style
10 – Why a video is essential for your website
11 – How to develop and edit a video
12 – How to upload a video to your website
13 – Additional software features while uploading your video
14 – Tips to develop effective online videos
15 – How to optimize video SEO
17 – Pros and cons of using videos
18 – Using Videos on Websites in a Glance

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