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A solid, simplified tool for facebook instant articles quickly create facebook instant articles with just a few clicks! Create fast, interactive articles in just a few clicks! This is the turbo instant publisher pro edition!

Since you’re reading these lines, you have already installed Turbo Instant Publisher, so CONGRATULATIONS.

This manual will guide you on how to make the best of it.


But first, you need to understand what you need here and what does Facebook expect from you. And from any and all publishers of Instant Articles.

Failing to understand why did Facebook create that Instant Articles’ platform will deprive you from the advantage of enjoying the benefits of this amazing platform

1. The focus is on mobile users

Always have in mind that Facebook created the Instant Articles’ platform for the Mobile users, ie. the users of smartphones, tablets, etc.

If that was not true, then Facebook would have no reason at all for pushing their money to that Instant Articles’ platform, since Facebook users (either those that use the web to browse the Internet or those that use smartphones, etc) can read perfectly what is posted in Facebook, in their timeline, in pages, etc.

Hence, since posting articles in your Facebook account is possible without the need of the Instant Articles’ platform. Then there must be a really good reason why Facebook did invest on that platform.

2. Meaningful content

Do expect from Facebook to require content people will want to read. Yes, you can add your ads in that content, that’s another story though. Facebook wants to add value to the content offered to their readers. And that is what Facebook expects from you and all the Instant Articles’ publishers. The better your content will be, the happier both Facebook and mobile users will be, and that means your ads will also come along with your content smoothly. With that said, forget the ads’ functionality for now. First you need to establish a great online presence with your quality content and then try to monetize on that content. That means you need to do your homework.

3. All articles are manually reviewed

You need to give meaningful content to Facebook – and then Facebook will allow you to release that content to users, i.e.. to the mobile users. For that reason Facebook reviews all Instant Articles manually. Think about it. They would not spend their good money paying people to read each and every Instant Article.. unless they want to offer AAA+++ content to them. So again start calibrating your orientation towards good content and at least in the beginning, forget how to make money from your Instant Articles. What you can do though, as an Internet Marketer is to use clever content, that is: focus your content to keywords.

4. You need 5 articles

Facebook will review your Instant Articles manually. For that reason they want and require from you to submit your articles first, and IF your articles “pass” their criteria, then they’ll allow you to publish them online via their platform. Also for that reason they require from you to submit five articles in the beginning.


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