Testing Your Way To Profits

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As an Internet marketer, you have read enough to know that money doesn’t actually grow on trees. Making money requires time, effort, patience, but there’s a good chance that you actually believe that what you need most of all is a little bit of luck. One of the most basic facts about having a business enabled website is that, no matter how well designe it is or how much you paid a copywriter to create a stunning sales letter for you, you still have little or no idea how well it will perform until it goes live. One of the most basic facts of everyday life, on the other hand, is that no matter what it is that you do, it could almost always be do better, and the only real way that you can establish how is by testing.

There is no such thing as a perfect website, although there have been many sites that have been so successful that you might have been forgive for believing that they were pretty near to perfection! No matter how well your site is designe, it therefore stands to reason that it could always be improve. However, most sales enable web pages, or indeed any other kind of webpage is likely to be make up of many different elements, and whilst it is good to know that you would like to improve a particular page, but knowing where to start on what to change is the key.
Testing Your Way To Profits Will Help You…

  • Learn How To Do Comparative Site Testing On Every Single One Of Your Sites!
  • Learn The Right Way To Track Your Results To Provide Accurate Data!
  • Understand What A Multivariate Test Is And See How You Can Wield Its Power!
  • Find Out How To Organize Your Results So The Profits Keep Rolling In!
  • Create A Method To Boosting Your Conversions!
  • Realize Your Dream Of Making Money Online Today!

Table of contents:

2:Two types of comparative site testing
3:Tracking your test results Multivariate testing
4:Getting organized
5:Why using free Google software works
6:How to define a conversion?
7:There is more to testing
8:Test your HTML
9:Browser tests you must run
10:Specific sales process testing

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