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This simple 18 page guide shows you how to create your very own squeezepages and takes you behind the simple yet ingeniously designed system to online riches as used by some of the leading internet marketers and direct response entrepreneurs in the world!

Before you begin the attempt to build a successful list or create a powerful sales page, you will want to start with a rigorous introduction to Squeezepages.

In stark contrast to undifferentiated, unfocused home pages, Squeezepages focus specifically on capturing leads for a newsletter or making sales for a specific product – and make no attempt to give visitors a different option.

Another common word that is often use to describe Squeezepages, is “squeeze page” (or “lead capture page” in some circles). A squeeze page is a page designed to get names and email addresses. Usually, however, a squeeze page is usually a smaller type of Squeeze Page, which usually has an opt-in form in sight when the page loads.

So what is important to learn in an introduction to Squeeze Pages? First, it is important to recognize that all successful marketers use these. If you plan to sell a product over the Internet, you will want to use one, too, rather than relying on sidebar opt-in forms and unfocused pages that do not convey a single point and a single call to action.

The Squeeze Page System

The Squeeze Page system provides a uniquely powerful system through which you can derive profit from multiple streams. This article will briefly discusses some of those different streams – and how you can manipulate them.

Let’s start with the Squeeze Page itself: all traffic is send to the Squeeze Page. From there, it will have a number of options, depending on what you have given them. Many marketers suggest that your Squeeze Page should always be an opt-in form. Others will suggest that it should simply be a sales page.

Whether it’s a free newsletter or a product for sale. The Squeeze Page system you create should include a “one time offer”. Which will compel them to take action – subscribe, buy, etc.

Once they subscribe or buy, the Squeeze Page system you create should then re-route them to a thank you page. Which opens up more means through which you can up-sell. One quick way to up-sell is to simply include advertisements on your thank you page for related affiliate products or for your own products. Here, again, you will want to give them a one-time offer.

What You Need Before Getting Started on Your Squeeze Page

Before you get start building your Squeeze Page. You will need a number of things to a) make your offer actually have a point; and b) facilitate the creation of your Squeeze Page.

One thing you absolutely must have before you get start is an auto responder. Without any auto responder, you are tossing potential bags of money in the garbage. Rather than creating a relationship with customers and potential customers. And giving yourself the opportunity to attempt future up-sales — you’re allowing them to leave and never return.

In addition to an auto responder, you will need to have an actual offer that people want to buy. You may want to develop a product, such as an E-Book or a piece of software.

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