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Product Description

Offline Super Cash: The local business owners are always looking for help and most don’t know the first thing about interet marketing.

The Offline Super Cash

With the Internet, many of have learned to develop profitable businesses that involve little start up costs, fewer production costs, and very little if any overhead. We all got caught up on just how easy it was to build a business online, and having the global outreach to be able to connect with thousands, if not millions of potential customers all over the world certainly made us sit up and pay attention.

But just how easy is it to build a successful online company?

In every market and industry, you’re swarmed with competition. Even ranking in Google for your chosen keywords can be a time consuming and frustrating process.

That’s not to say that you can’t make a living online with a website and product line of your own. You can, but we’ve become so narrow minded with believing that in order to become a successful entrepreneur, our main focus should always start and end with the Internet.

It’s simply not entirely true. Think of all the countless businesses in your local area.
How many of those people would benefit by having a web presence?

Now, think again about the sheer number of mom & pop shops that don’t have a presence and calculate how much money you could make if you were the bridge that connected their business with the world wide web.

But it’s certainly not new to you right?

You already know how lucrative having an online presence can be and even if you don’t know how to do all of the different services that you will begin to offer local businesses, you already know exactly how to outsource this to seasoned professionals and freelancers.

You know of the marketplaces, the forums, the freelance communities and all you have to do is secure the project – pass the work over to a freelancer – and cash in.

The Offline Insider guide was written by a group of us who decided to give these strategies a real shot. We decided to focus 2 months of our time on penetrating the offline market to see just how viable it really was.

I’ll be honest with you, none of us really expect that our business would grow so quickly. In fact, we were all looking at the process as an interesting experiment more than a life and business changing endeavour.

What we discover however is that there are literally hundreds of businesses in every town. And city across the world that have yet to connect to the global outreach that the Internet provides.

Having An Offline Business Plan

Creating your business plan is the first step in being able to connect with offline clients.
You don’t need to spend a lot of money developing your service plans. And you really don’t need to even rent out office space when you are just getting start. Most of your meetings will take place at your clients business. But you can also communicate through phone regularly once you have sealed the deal.

But first, do you remember how difficult everything seemed to be when you first started building an online business?
Remember how frustrating and outright daunting building that first blog or website felt?

If you had someone come along and offer you an affordable solution where you didn’t have to lift a finger. And they would set up a fully functional, optimized website for you. Wouldn’t you have considered taking them up on that incredible deal?

And much more…

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