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I am quite confident that if you are earning an income online by sales system. Then you are almost certainly doing so by selling some kind of product or service. It could be that you are selling digital products like e-books, special reports or software that are perhaps materials that you have created yourself. Or may be you are acting as an affiliate for the original product creator in return for a commission. It may be that you sell a real world product like automobiles, PCs or washing machines. Or you might be selling a service such as online dating, financial services or even your own search engine expertise.

No matter what it is, the basic concept remains identical in all of these situations. You have something that you are selling using the internet as a channel to make sales system. And if you do not sell anything, then you cannot earn any money. Or maybe you haven‟t even started yet? Perhaps you are reading this book and thinking (or dreaming) about starting your own online moneymaking venture for the first time. Even so, I would be willing to bet that you too have been looking around to see. What you should start selling online in order to begin generating an income.

The reason that I am so confident that you can probably see yourself in one of these groups is that over 90% of people attempting to make money online do so by selling something. After all, it is only logical that you cannot earn money if you do not provide something in return for the money that a customer or client pays to you. Now, I am not foolish enough to defy all the logical laws of business by telling you that you can get something for nothing online.

There is, as they say, no such thing as a free lunch. And I am not going to insult your intelligence by trying to pretend otherwise. The world over, it is an immutable truth that in every transaction of any type. Both parties give each other something of value in return for which they will receive something of equal value.

Table of contents:

1: Introduction
2: It’s All About Advertising!
3: Project 1: ZangoCash
4: Project 2: VombaCash
5: Project 3: Wave Revenue
6: Project 4: Paid Pop Ups
7: Project 5: Paid To Complete Tasks
8: Project 6: Video Cash And Traffic
9: Project 7: Paid For Downloads
10: Project 8: Your First Website
11: Conclusion



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