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When I wrote this is was mid afternoon. My friend just got off the phone with me and he was complaining about his job, as usual. I felt bad but then felt great because the salespage I just wrote made me a few hundred dollars in just one hour. First off I’d like to thank you for picking up ‘MAXCON – Making Your Salespage Convert’. If you’ve read any of my previous releases you’ll surely agree with me when I say I don’t give you any fluff or filler and the most important part of all my writings is that they are true and the stuff I tell you works.Okay, now on to the boring stuff.

It should come as no surprise to you that this business is probably the most competitive business there is. Online or Offline. It’s 2008 and the Internet is a part a huge part of our daily lives. We get info, buy stuff, e-mail, instant message, etc. We are in the business of selling ‘stuff’ online. It doesn’t matter what you sell. It really doesn’t. Have you ever heard someone say they can “sell water to a well”? Well if anyone ever says that chances are they can’t sell free money to a homeless person. We all know those people who are somebody in the Internet Marketing world are actually not known at all or known by very few people. These are the people who make the kind of money every one else promises you’ll make.

More often than not they call themselves “guru’s”. I don’t consider myself a guru or call myself a guru. I am a guy making a lot of money 100% from my computer and I’d like to think part of my success is due to the secrets I know about copywriting and conversions. It is my goal today to teach you everything I know that has allowed me to make more money than anyone I know working less than anyone I know and spending more time doing what I want than anyone I know.

Table of contents:

1: Introduction
2: Copywriting Today
3: Captivating Headlines & Sub-Headlines
4: Writing The Perfect Introduction
5: Maximizing The Middle
6: Trust Your Testimonials
7: Calling All Actions
8: In Closing

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