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How do you like the thought of having your very own list building of hungry subscribers you can mail out to anytime you want?

You might wonder why it’s a good idea to build a list. After all, it probably seems like a lot of work to find prospects, get them to accept emails from you, and find new things to send out to them on a regular basis.

You might also think it will take a lot of hard work to get people to buy. You know that you can’t just send them low-grade content and expect them to buy simply because you sent them an email.

And if you think these things, you’re right: building a list is very hard. And making sales from lists is also hard. It takes time and it takes attention to detail to do things right. And this is exactly why many marketers never do it.

But that is their mistake. You aren’t going to make that same mistake. Building a list and marketing to it is one of the most profitable things you can do in IM; and this guide is going to show you how to do exactly how to go about it.

The Bare Essentials – What you’ll need to get started

List building requires attention to detail, careful thought, and, most importantly, action. So, if you think the early stages of list building are boring and seemingly unproductive, don’t give up. It takes time and effort, but you have to keep at it if you ever want to see progress.

So let’s start with the dry, boring stuff. What are the bare essential tasks that you’ll need to complete before you can start making money with your list?

There are roughly 3 things you’ll need to do before you can get to the ―fun‖ parts of list building.

Purchase a Domain and Get Hosting

Before you can do anything else, you’ll need a working website. In short, this means purchasing a domain, purchasing hosting services, and using a page-builder to create your website.

When it comes to this, the best place to start is probably by determining the theme and URL for your website.

The Theme

Start by thinking about what niche your site will focus on. A good rule of thumb is to keep things narrow. For instance, if you’re thinking about creating a niche site that markets retail products through affiliate links, drill down further and consider focusing only on one type of product, such as fishing gear.

If you grow out of your niche in the future, you can always create another site or expand your current site. But for now, keep things narrow to avoid confusing your visitors.


Once you’ve settled on a theme, you’ll want to come up with potential URLs for your site, since your first choice may already be taken.

In the past, marketers used to select URLs that were actually the key phrase they were targeting (but with a dash between each word); however, if you plan to create memorable, credible business, you will want to avoid this and opt for a URL that is short and that visitors will remember.

Write Down Your Ideas

Before you move to the next step, write everything down. Take careful notes about the theme you wanted and the specific URLs that you believe will fit well with your business model and niche.

Once you’ve done this, you can continue on to the next step.

Comparison Shop for Your Domain and Hosting

Many hosting services will also allow you to purchase your domain when you purchase hosting. In general, this isn’t a bad idea. It will make it easier to manage all information related to your site.

One good place to start on your search is www.findmyhosting.com. This site lists an exhaustive break-down of 10 popular hosting services, which includes important details, such as:

  • The monthly price
  • The setup fee
  • Whether the domain registration is included at no additional cost
  • Whether you can setup email accounts through the domain
  • The plugins and features that come with the hosting service
    Whether or not the hosting comes with a website building tool

Spend some time comparing hosts and determine which hosting service will work best for your particular needs.

As a general rule of thumb, if you’re new to Internet business, you’ll want to look primarily at three items:

  • The ―UpTime Guarantee,‖ which will give you a rough idea of whether a particular host has problems keeping sites up.
  • The price, as well as the various deals offered for locking in a 6- month or 12-month contract.
  • The site builder and plugins offered. I recommend looking for a site that offers the WordPress Plugin (which is fairly standard) and Fantastico. These two items will greatly simplify the site-creation process.

And there you have it. You’re now ready to purchase a domain and hosting services. Once you’re done with that, we can move on to the next step—creating your site.

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