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You too can generate thousands of subscribers to your list in any niche using these powerful tactics. Implement any of these 50 tactics to start list building a targeted list of subscribers!

If you don’t yet have an email list, you’re missing out. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or promoting, a list is an essential marketing tool. It creates an inner circle of perhaps hundreds or thousands of people who understand your business and have an interest in what it does. And it allows you to easily and profitably communicate with this inner circle on a daily basis.

In short, if you don’t have a list, you need one. And, if you have a bad, unresponsive list, then you need to begin developing a better one and cultivating the people on your current list.

With that said, building a strong, responsive list is no easy task. If it were, everyone would have one. Fortunately for you, I created this book with people like you in mind: people who know that list building is essential, but who have yet to build a robust, profit-generating list.

Do Ad Swaps with other people in your industry

If you haven’t heard of ad swaps before, the concept is quite intuitive: in exchange for incorporating someone’s ad into your mailing, they agree to do the same for you. Typically, this is either done with someone in the same industry or in a related, but non-competing industry.

If done correctly, ad swaps can be both easy and profitable. You can initiate one by first looking for high traffic sites in your niche and in related niches. As you find them, start signing up for their respective newsletters. Monitor the content and decide whether or not it would be a good idea for your idea.

Once you have made the call, contact the list owner and initiate the swap. Let him or her know that you’re a subscriber on his/her list; and then tell him/her all about your own list and your proposed idea.

Use this technique every 2-3 weeks and you should see your subscriptions climb rapidly over time.

Join Safelists networks

A safelist is a list of email addresses of individuals who have agreed to receive emails from other individuals on the list. By joining safelists, you can gain access to a large group of individuals who may be interested in joining your list.

Of course, as with any other marketing technique, when a particular medium is saturated with ads, the responsiveness to any one of those adds will fall. For this reason, expect your pitches to get relatively small responses.

With that said, if you join enough relevant lists and make your pitches periodically (to avoid the appearance of being a spammer), then you should have no problem picking up quite a few good leads from this strategy.

Place an opt-in form on your blog

Another good way to get subscribers is to simply put an opt-in form on your blog. If people like reading your content and find themselves coming back to read more, they may decide to opt-in to your newsletter, too. After all, why not put yourself on a list to get more of the content you’re seeking out on a daily basis?

Create a Facebook fanpage

If you’re a Facebook user, you’ve no doubt seen countless “fanpages” for various businesses. Virtually all businesses that wish to have a social media presence one. This is a practice you should adopt, too, if you want to develop a social media presence and use it to generate list subscribers.

In short, setting up a Facebook fanpage is not very different from setting up a profile. Just remember to incorporate all of the relevant information about your business on the page, along with links to your list and to various freebies. Also, consider giving people who “like” your fanpage discounts or coupons for various products.

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