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If you plan on trying to make money on the internet you will eventually need scripts installed – at least if you want to run your internet business correctly and more efficiently.What kind of scripts will you need? A script, for a simplistic definition, is a program that is executed on the internet (your web server).
Scripts are written in many languages, but this ebook focuses on two of the most popular ones: Perl and PHP. And since they both tend to use MySQL as the database backend, we will focus on that.
There are other script languages and databases. But since these are the most widely used, we will concentrate on them here.Well, that will depend upon what your internet business or service is. Let ‘s look at a few examples of the types of scripts:

Businesses use:Autoresponders or list manager,article manager
Newsletter/Ezine:Membership management script,content manager, download manager, forum
Private:Email capture, email follow up system, download manager, affiliate program, specialty scripts (such as
a Re-Pricer, Special Offer Manager, automatic date changer)
Membership Site
Direct Sales Site:Auction software, forum or bulletin board, membership management
Auction Site


You get the idea. You could manage certain aspects of your web business, but you’d really be missing the boat in many ways.

Table of Contents:

2:Choosing Your Tools
4:A Slightly Tougher Installation
5:How’s About One More?
6:How’s About One More?
7:Now, don’t forget to add the Username to the Database
8:Odds -n- Ends
9:As If All This Wasn’t Enough
10:Starting Your Own Script Installation Business
12:Comments? Suggestions?
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