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Web Protection uses secure web gateway technology to protect every device, user, and location from sophisticated internet threats. Your Website host can have their servers crash at any moment. It can be a technical problem, a natural disaster, or in some cases a malicious attack by a computer hacker. Never, ever, trust your host to backup your files. I can’t stress this enough to you. Don’t put the livelihood of your online business in their hands. It is a costly mistake you will pay dearly for if you don’t heed this warning.Other marketers who had their Websites hosted on the faulty server where not so lucky. They also made the same fatal mistake of trusting the hosting company to backup their files.

If you take the time to read the TOS (Terms Of Service) stipulated by your Website host. You most likely will see a section in the fine print that they are not responsible for the loss or damage to your Website in any eventualities. If you are using popular software such as WordPress, or any other software/scripts that use MySQL databases, it is important for you to know that this data is kept on a separate area of the server. Therefore, your WordPress blog would not be backed-up properly if you where to simply copy the WordPress files from your Website, onto your hard drive. If your host’s server crashed, you would lose all of your blog posts, customer information and other important data forever. Which is why you must backup all of your databases as well as the main Website files.

Most beginners probably have their Website hosted on a shared environment with cPanel running as the administrative tool. You can easily backup your Website (files and databases) with cPanel.How often you will backup your files can vary depending upon how much you update your Website. Only you can determine if backing up your files on a daily basis is feasible, but I recommend you at least make weekly backups of your most important Websites.


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