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22 Ways to Get Noticed, Get Liked On Facebook and Create Engagement on Facebook

1) Use videos and photos that are only revealed when they like your page.They get shared 2-3 times more than written content
2) Offer a free ebook, but only when they like your page. This is just like offering an ebook for an email address, only with viral possibilities.
3) Run a competition. Run LOTS of competitions. People love contests – they’re fun, they get to win stuff, and you don’t look like you’re promoting but you do build your list – it’s a win-win for everyone.
4) Ask questions on Facebook. Nothing promotes engagement more than asking and responding to people’s ideas and especially opinions on a hot topic.
5) Add a Facebook Social Plugin to your website and blog. Yes,  marketers still haven’t done this, yet doing so can result in more exposure, more fans, more business etc.
6) Find places to add a link to your Facebook page. Email signatures are a great one, so are articles, blogposts, other social media, forum signatures, etc.
7)  Post once or twice a day with really great posts. The exception? If you’re posting news then you’ll want to post slightly more often.
8) Post news. Anything that is relevant and current for your particular niche.
9) The fastest way to grow your fan base? Advertise. Remember, your list of Facebook fans is akin to having a mailing list – so it can pay to build that fan base quickly.
10) Have an awesome header image. Pay to have this created if you don’t have  skills because it makes an excellent first impression.

11) Did you know that when you share someone’s content on Facebook, you can create a notification to tell them you shared it? Write their name in status and Facebook will alert them with  mention function.

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