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Get affiliates to promote your products can be easier money than you could make on your own because…

  • They attract buyers you otherwise never would have received .
  • Those buyers can become repeat buyers. It’s easier to sell to someone who’s purchased before.
  • Your earnings from affiliate marketing is essentially free money-minus the work you put in to attract and work with the affiliates

Finding Your Future Affiliate

I have found there are 3 basic types of potential affiliate programs. And some people may disagree with this – some marketers believe the only good affiliates are the first type I will mention. But what they are forgetting is that every affiliate had to begin somewhere, with some product. Why shouldn’t it be yours?

1. The First Get Affiliates Type is People Who Are Already Proven Affiliates

No doubt this is the easiest source of affiliates in that they’re already sell on the concept of affiliate marketing. In addition, they have experience at affiliate marketing – always a good thing. You don’t have to sell them on affiliate marketing. You only need to sell them on your best affiliate programs. You’ll need to prove yourself – prove your product does what it says, that your sales letter converts, that you are already getting sales. Your number one selling point to an experienced, potential affiliate is your conversion rate and price point. The higher the conversions, especially in conjunction with a high price point/payout, the more likely you are to capture their attention.

The easiest place to find experienced affiliate marketing training? Find the affiliates who are promoting your competitor’s products because those affiliates are your best bet. You can simply Google your competitor’s name and see who’s promoting those products. Easy, right? And that is a million dollar tip right there, in case you missed it.

2. The Second Get Affiliates Type is Someone Who Is NOT An Affiliate (yet)

These folks have a website or a blog, and perhaps they’re promoting their own products – they’re just not promoting anyone else’s. So why would you target them if they’re not in affiliate networks? Because if you can convince them to promote your product, they can actually be more effective than other affiliates because they don’t normally promote other people’s products. They’ve got trust established with their readers, perhaps more trust because they aren’t constantly pitching a new product. And when they finally do promote an affiliate product, their readers will take notice.

3. The Third Get Affiliates Type Is Your Product Purchaser

If you’re thinking the seasoned affiliate marketer is the easiest affiliate to recruit, guess again. Purchasers of your product believe in it enough to buy it with their own money and use it. And who better to be your spokesperson than someone who already uses the product? So how do you recruit them? Sometimes it’s as easy as mentioning your affiliate program in your product or the related materials. And don’t just say, “I have an affiliate program.” Instead, give them all the details. Tell them what you pay, how well it converts and how easy it is to promote because of your copy and paste ads and emails.

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