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Product Description

Generate highly targeted traffic to your website to attract potential buyers on a daily basis. Build a mailing list of your own with a strong following for free traffic secrets. The truth is that the real money lies in the buyers list! Follow-up with your existing subscribers to build relationship and trust with them so that they’ll continue to buy from you. And possibly make your first sales with them if they’re your new customers.

What we’re looking at here are your five primary resources. The lifeblood of any online business. That’s your affiliates, your list, your customers, long term customers and joint venture prospects. All of which we’ll refer to from this point on wards as your resources, or your promotion power. Each one of the big five have the power to make you sales, and thus big profits. However, imagine being able to take those five and manage them in such a way that you never have to carry out the expensive act of paying for new customers, a bigger, list, more affiliates or JV contacts ever again, but still having countless thousands of them flowing into your lap.

It sounds unthinkable, but with the right management of your resources. You’re going to be seeing their usefulness double, multiply by three, four, sometimes even five. What does this mean or your profits? Well, have you ever worked it out in your head how much you’d make if you doubled a penny every day for a month or two? The principal here is the same, but instead of money, you’re using your resources. The more you have, the faster they build each other. The true power of real exponential growth is at every marketers fingertips. They just have to know how to realize it’s there and understand how to use it to their advantage.

The Goals Of This Section

  • To demonstrate how to take your existing resources and cross them over in such a way that they begin to build themselves. The ultimate in marketing strategies allowing you to boost your promotion power exponentially. When others are having trouble even building a list that makes a single sale.
  • To display a diagram to demonstrate this method helping you commit this to memory and act on your knowledge.
  • Discuss each resource in depth and to define specific roles for each one, opening up the ability to cross your resources and to start the snowball effect rolling.
  • To avoid the pitfalls that other marketers are making as we speak with their crossing of resources, if they’ve even discovered such a method in the first place.
  • To inspire and to demonstrate ideas for the crossing of your resources, both enabling you to follow the examples we’ve laid out for you, and to come up with your own as your resources start to flood in when you launch your products.


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