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I will show you how you can – get targeted subscribers onto your autoresponder lists using the power of webinars. How to set up your webinars the easy way for free. How to have attendees breaking down your door to attend your webinars. And plenty of other ninja tactics to ensure your grow massive lists.

What is a Webinar?

Webinar is the shorten form of web based seminar which could be anything from a seminar, lecture, workshop or a presentation. Webinars are:

  • a means to exchange ideas, thoughts and information at almost real time.
  • a very effective mode of sharing information to remote locations over the internet.
  • different from television in the terms that on television. One sided flow of information or data (to be precise) is allowed.

Webinars allow you to interact with other members or public over the internet in a large number. Interaction of these people or the participants of the webinar are just like the participants in a seminar. Where a participant asks a question from the presenter or the lecturer.

Video conferencing is more or less the same thing. But it allows only a small number or group of people to communicate at the same time. Webinars on the other hand, allow a larger public to communicate effectively. But it does come with the additional cost of software and hardware capability requirements.

Participants need to have PCs or laptops with working high speed internet connections. As the basic hardware requirement to participate in the webinars. They also need to have the same software as the one with the presenter. Which can be easily downloaded from the internet or may be provided by the presenting authority or organization.

What can I do with Webinar?

As already stated, webinars are used for:

  • delivering lectures
  • conducting seminars
  • conducting workshops
  • presentations
  • official meetings

These may be use by an organization to attract the general public or participants. Or can even be use by a large firm for sharing thoughts and information with all or a number of its employees.

As the presenter discusses or shows the presentation to the participants. A mouse pointer may be use by the participants to point to a certain location to clarify their doubts or questions.

Web conferences are appropriately design for making up for the physical presence of the presenter. And participants at a single location. These offer the presenter and the participants to interact in a similar fashion. By the use of appropriate technology and resources, as in case of any seminars or workshops. Except for real time exchange of articles which can usually be cover up by sharing the articles before the conference.

What are the Benefits of Webinar?

Web conferences are make to eliminate geographic and demographic limitations. Thus ensuring that the entire organization and its arms operating at the same page and same level. It helps you to strategize more effectively and without any communication lag or misunderstanding. It improves the flow of information from one location to another. Not just the hard data, but also the thoughts, ideas, views and perceptions. And letting the managers take more effective and informed decisions.

Apart from all the aforemention benefits you are bind to increase the popularity of your organization and increase the intake. Incentives like special offers may be provided to the participants. And more then effective presentation help you build your email list. This boost in the email list is bound to increase the profits and further make your company grow exponentially.

And much more…

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