Essentials of Marketing Research

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Essentials of Marketing Research:

The chapter will provide understanding towards the nature and scope of marketing research and the scientific process involved. It will also discuss the role of research in designing and implementing successful marketing programmes. It will explain the role of marketing research in marketing information systems. And also decision support systems and provide the conceptual framework of marketing research process. This book will also explain the process of defining a problem in marketing research and its importance.

It will focus on describing the tasks involved in defining a marketing research problem. And also explain in detail the nature and content of various components of a defining a correct problem. The chapter will help gain understanding of practitioners‟ view of marketing research and the complexities involved in the overall process of marketing research. In conclusion, the chapter will focus on the issues marketing research cannot deal with and why decision makers need to be cautious when interpreting results of marketing research.

Marketing Research:

Marketing research is a critical part of such marketing decision making; it helps in improving management decision making by providing relevant, accurate, and timely information. Every decision poses unique needs for information, and relevant strategies can be develop base on the information gathere through marketing research in action. Too often, marketing research is consider narrowly as the gathering and analyzing of data for someone else to use. However, firms can actually achieve and sustain a competitive advantage through the creative use of market information generate by marketing research.

Hence, marketing research is defined as information input to decisions, not simply the evaluation of decisions that have been made. Market research alone, however, does not guarantee success; the intelligent use of market research is the key to business achievement. A competitive edge is more the result of how information is used than of who does or does not have the information.

Table of Content:

1:Introduction to marketing research: Scientific research approach and Problem definition
2:Exploratory research design
3:Conclusive research design
5:Measurement and scaling
6:Questionnaire design
7:Data preparation and preliminary data analysis
8:Report preparation and presentation

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