Consumer Behaviour and PR

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Consumer Behaviour and PR:

Consumer behaviour is a discipline. In the social sciences, which deals with why consumers buy, or do not buy, products or services. And Consumer behavior is the study of the processes involve. Furthermore When individuals or groups select, purchase, use, or dispose of products, services, ideas, or experiences to satisfy needs and desires .  Also understanding consumer behavior makes good business sense. therefore marketers can only satisfy these needs to the extent. And so that they understand the people, or organisations. Seems like that will use the products and services they sell.

The consumer decision-making process is examined in this chapter. Since all stages in the process are key to integrated marketing communications (IMC). “IMC is defined as a research-based, audience-focused, result-driven, communication planning process. Hence aims to execute a brand communication program over time. So that thre is dairy and conistency in the positioning of the brand. Therefore this is achieved by coordinating different communication disciplines. While integrating the creative content across different media.

Finally the ultimate aim is to achieve short-term financial gain and long-term brand equity”. For instance, an effective IMC campaign targets potential buyers involved in these processes. Yet seeks to present a particular product or brand as a solution to the customer‟s problem. Consequently persuasive marketing communications can lead the customer from problem recognition to purchase. And too good marketing can foster customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

 In addition Companies realize that social media marketing is about relinquishing control and consumer feedback may be negative as well as positive. Corporations are attempting to influence the conservation online by linking up with bloggers; developing adver-games and embedding a branding message in video content; stimulating online word-of-mouth marketing (also known as word-of-mouse, buzz marketing, viral marketing, evangelist, street and stealth marketing).

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Consumer behaviour
1 Overview
2 Case Study: virtual smoking and apps
3 Perception
4 Case Study: male fashion
5 Case Study: Contiki Australia
6 Case Study: Pinterest – who am I?
7 Case Study: Irish whiskey – enjoying a resurgance

Part 2: Consumer behaviour:

1 Influencing consumers through public relations, sponsorships and events marketing
2 Case: White Ribbon New Zealand – using public relations to raise awareness of violence against women
3 Overview
4 Public relations
5 Sponsorships
6 Summary
7 Case Study: nab, the banking rebel, says it’s time to break up
8 Case: do shock tactics generate behavioural change?
9 Case Study: do not knock
10 References

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