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Getting Hired For the First Time

When you launching your coaching authority business for the first time and you put out your figurative shingle. It can be terrifying. Even though you know that you have some good information to share. And know what you are doing, there is still the period of doubt that everyone faces. Am I good enough to coach others? Do I have something they haven’t seen before? How can I convince them to hire me? All of these questions are perfectly natural and everyone has them when they start out.

What you need to remember is that you got into this business coach for a reason, and after you have a couple of sessions under your belt. Those doubts will pass 0n or at least go hide in the corner, out of sight for a while. If you have done your homework and you know that you have something truly valuable to teach others, there is no reason to be nervous. Remember, your clients don’t know if it is your first session or your hundredth (unless you tell them of course), and as long as you are confident and sure of what you are saying, the thought will never cross their mind. That’s the best best way to become a life coach.

Don’t Argue When They Object to Price

Business coaching can be expensive, and the more sought after the coach happens to be, the more that people will pay to be taught by them. But even at the beginning level, the cost of coaching can be really surprising to some people. The reason for that is simple: they aren’t familiar with just how much value coaching actually has. The important thing here is not to argue with them about the price, and definitely, not to offer to lower it for them. Instead, simply answer their questions and build the value of your services. If you argue with them the only result is that you look like an amateur and desperate for business.

Remember, your job isn’t to convince them that you are worth hiring as a coach, your job is simply to show them what you have to offer and then let them make the choice whether or not to take advantage of your offer. They will think twice about turning you down if you don’t appear to care whether they hire you as a coach or not.

Give Free Training to Show Value

Your customers, especially those who aren’t familiar with life coaching or how it works, will often have an easier time accepting your price and committing to your services if you can show them that there is a huge amount of value in them. The best way to do this is to offer them some sort of free trial. The great thing about a free trial is that you don’t have to spend anything. But a little extra time to offer it, and the customer has nothing to lose by trying it.

Table Of Contents

Introduction: Getting Hired For the First Time
1: Don’t Argue When They Object to Price
2: Give Free Training to Show Value
3: Target a Narrow Niche Audience
4: Have a Problem-Solution System
5: Offer a Variety of Coaching Styles

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