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This book deals with the law governing the establishment, operation and regulation of partnerships and companies. As well as the law governing the creation and operation of agency relationships.


A business may operate as a sole proprietorship, partnership or company. The choice of business organization is determine by many things. Which is including, the number of people involve. Consequently amount of money they have to invest, their ambition, their need for privacy and control, the nature of business, etc. Also , most important of the business forms are partnerships and incorporate companies.  And are the ones with which we shall mostly concern ourselves.

Also Sole proprietorships are of limit importance in terms of law relating to businesses. It is the simplest and most flexible form of business medium and has minimal formality.  sole proprietorship is typically an unincorporate business own. And operate by one individual. Because Albeit sometimes with the help of people who are not co-owners. Such a business enterprise would not be a separate legal entity under the law.  But rather would be an extension of the individual who owns it.


When a company goes into insolvent liquidation, it may be necessary to consider whether its directors. And other officers have by their actions, contributed to the company‟s financial woes. As a result If they have, they may be punish and/or require to contribute to the assets of the company for the settlement of its creditors. There are different provisions for bringing errant company officials to account upon winding-up. In addition the officials may also be prosecuted criminally for any fraud at any time. Whether or not the company is being wound up.


The agent is someone who legally acts on behalf of another call the principal. Therefore the acts of an agent do in the course of employment are deem to be those of the principal who would be bound by them. If authorise to do so, an agent may do anything which the principal is entitle to do.   So the agency is very important because it removes the need for all business or contractual transactions to be undertake by individuals, companies or businesses personally.

In coclusion agency enables the rule of privily of contract – that only persons who are parties to a contract would normally have a right to enforce it – to be by-pass.  the person may sue or be sued under a contract even though they were not direct parties to it.

Table of Content:

Part 5: Partnerships And Companies
3:Corporate Personality
4:Company Constitution And Contractual Capacity
5:Company Members
6:Members’ Powers And The Protection Of Minorities
7:Company Directors
8:The Company Secretary And Auditor
9:Company Share Capital
10:Company Loan Capital
11:Insolvency And Liquidation Companies

Part 6: Wrongdoings In Businesses
1:Fraudulent, Wrongful And Insider Trading
2:Money Laundering, Bribery And Phoenix Companies

Part 7: Agency Law
1:Agency Law

List of cases
List of statutes
In Conclusion

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