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Practical Tips for Building A Mailing List

It can be difficult to build a permission based mailing list. With the overwhelming amount of traffic on the Internet, it is hard to know just how to develop a solid mailing list without resorting to purchasing one. There are several things you can do to build your list without buying one.


First, make it easy for people to register their email address with you. Make sure that every page on your website has a link to your mailing list registration form. Feature it prominently on the first page of your website. The easier it is to register, the more likely people are to register with you.

Fast Forward

Second, make use of the „forward to a friend‟ concept. By making it easy for users to invite their own friends, your visibility will grow. Use this to build your mailing list.

Respect Privacy

Third, have a privacy policy and display it prominently. Many people are worried that their personal information will be sold to third parties. By advertising your privacy policy, potential users are more likely to give you their email address. A little trust can go a long way!


Fourth, promote your website to generate more traffic to your registration form. With more visitors to your website, you are likely to have more people register their email address with you. Use social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace to advertise your website. Use blogs and comments, as promotional tools. Don‟t forget to add your website to your email signature. Promotion is the key, so promote, promote, promote!

Doing it by hand?

Don’t discount manually collecting email addresses. Business meetings, conventions, seminars, parties, anywhere that has a large group of people, are great places to promote your website and ask for email addresses.

Be careful what you wish for

Finally, ask for just the right amount of information. Be aware of the time constraints and privacy issue potential users have. Make your registration form simple and fast to fill out. Only ask for the information you truly need. Don‟t make it hard for people to register with you. If you do, many will give up before they complete your mailing list registration form. Words to the wise, once you have developed your email list, use it wisely. Spamming your subscribers with unnecessary emails or selling your email list is a sure way to lose readers.

While it is certainly easy to purchase mailing lists, it is possible to build a substantial mailing list yourself. With a little time and effort you can easily build a permission based mailing list.

Be Specific in your List Building

Building a loyal mailing list of potential clients depends on building up a relationship with the people on your mailing list. That way, they will feel some obligation to visit your website and pay for your goods and services. That kind of loyalty can only be created if the people on your mailing list feel that you are speaking specially to them; a generic email sent to your entire mailing list will not do that.

Niche Marketing

You need to split your mailing list into different niches. Therefore, to enable this, you will have to gather some information through your opt in form or from a follow up form later. You can also get a clue about your mailing list sign ups from the websites at which they sign up, so you could split your future mailings according to these criteria: anything which gives your mailing list members the idea you are speaking specifically to them. Your marketing materials should therefore have a personal feel to them, too.

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