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Bit Coin Rush

Bit Coin Rush – Follow the exact roads paved by experienced Bit Coin Rush Investors. And learn the inside out of making money with cryptocurrencies. This guide will take you from knowing nothing about the game. And get you to acquire your first digital money and finally build a Bitcoin Empire of your own. All by following proven money making models that works.

Bit Coin Rush Review

Bitcoin may be fast establishing itself as the currency of the internet age, but it’s proven very difficult to convince customers that their finances will be safe in this new and, so far, largely unregulated medium. That’s why, for gamblers, June 2013 marked such an important occasion. This was the month when Bit Coin Rush launched, creating the first ‘provably fair‘ casino and sportsbook for bitcoin gamblers. And ‘provably fair’ is no idle boast.

Take a game like Bitcoin blackjack. The player has the choice of where the deck should be cut. They can leave this setting on its default, but at any time they can opt to have the deck cut differently – they’ll even be able to look back at previous hands to see how the new setting would have affected their luck. This extra level of verification makes it extremely difficult for casinos to ‘choose’ which cards to offer the player. Other casinos have since added such features, but provably fair Bitcoin casinos remain a pretty exclusive bunch.

First Thoughts and Sign Up

BitcoinRush is both a casino and Bitcoin sportsbook. For those who like to first hit the blackjack tables, before later spreading their winnings across the big game, the ability to do both from the same account is a significant bonus. In fairness, the casino options are currently the more extensive, and sportsbook enthusiasts may find the choice of markets a little lacking. For bettors who want the basics though, the sportsbook will be more than adequate. The firm expects to expand these offerings in the future.

One of Bitcoin’s strengths is the anonymity it confers upon the user. The book allows you to take full advantage of these features. You do have the option of attaching an email address to your account to help with password resets, but at no point will you be force to supply email details.

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