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BBO Teleseminar Formula:

How Would You Like To Kick Your Business Into High Gear By Having Me  As Your Joint-Venture Partner In The Creation And Promotion Of Your Very Own Teleseminar Product.This is Matthew Glanfield, chief instructor for the BBO Teleseminar Formula, our latest program to help you make money as quickly as possible from a beginning standpoint or wherever you might be. This is a beginner program but at the same time, it’s a bit of an intermediate program. If you’re an absolute beginner, this will work. You also may be somebody who knows the basics and is looking to quickly get a product made and have some partners. You may be looking to have me help you really
boost your sales. This is for you as well.

The BBO Traffic Formula course has 4 content-intense modules:

* The Quick-Start Formula – How to get ready to receive traffic
* The Traffic Formula – How to get a flood of traffic to your new website
* The Improvement Formula – How to improve the process to make more sales
* The Next-Step Formula – Where to go next once you have started

Features and Benefits –

The sales letter has listed the features and benefits of BBO Teleseminar Formula. Matthew says, Here’s a summary of what you will get :

  • Extensive 8 week teleseminar training.
  • A pre-researched list of topics.
  • Weekly Q & A calls.
  • My help in creating your product.
  • My help in promoting your product.
  • 1 Hour Phone Consultation.
  • Access to a private email address that I will answer.


1:Google Adwords
2:Online Video
3:Online Audio
4:List Building
5:Traffic Generation
6:Free Traffic
8:Affiliate Marketing
10:Web 2.0
11:Web Design
13:Starting Online Business
15:Squeeze Pages
17:JV Partners
19:Product Launches
20:Ezine Advertising
21:Article Marketing
23:Product Creation
24:Membership Sites

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