50 Ways to Make Money Online

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 50 Ways to Make Money Online

50 Ways to Make Money Online – Ever wondered how to make money online well, this book has been created with you in mind, those of you that are continuously looking for a way to make money online and are striving to earn their income online.

1. Implementing Google AdSense Into Your Website

Google Adsense is a free program online publishers can sign up for to make money online. In fact, Online publishers will write their content on their website and also choose to display relevant Google advertisements alongside their online content. So, they earn when audience clicks on the particular advertisement displayed on their website.

2. Clickbank Affiliate Program

Clickbank is an online marketplace of digital information products. Website owners can join their affiliate program for free and start making money online, the many products in the marketplace for a commission.

3. Selling E-Books

Write an e-book on a topic you have an expertise in and share it to the world for a price. People go to the internet to search for information, hence selling e-books is a very lucrative and profitable if your e-book is on a subject in demand.

4. Set Up Continuity Programs

A continuity program refers to a site where one earns a recurring income from people who subscribe to a service you offer. Such programs are typically membership sites that generate monthly income from the members who are a part of a program.

5. Selling Ad Spaces On Your Website

Run advertisement campaigns on your site for private advertisers who want to promote their product or services on your website. So, this includes ad sales of the 125 x 125 ads or other advertisements featuring different ad dimensions

6. Chitika

Chitika works something like Google Adsense. In fact, it offers publishers & advertisers user targeted, search targeted, mobile and local ads for websites, blogs, apps and mobile sites. Traditionally, the Chikita ads have worked best on product related blogs. Now, their Premium ad units convert well on a larger range of blogs.

7. Become An Amazon Associate

Amazon.com is like a supermarket that sells all kinds of things. The only difference is that all transactions happen online and items purchased are shipped directly to the where the consumer prefers. Becoming an associate with them means that you can also help them promote their products through your own website and advertising fees can be earned from Qualifying Purchases, not just the products you advertised.

8. Connect Offline Suppliers with Online Buyers

Many offline product suppliers or service providers still do not have an online presence and are hence missing out on a lot of business. Most of these suppliers do not have the technical know-how to set up a website and sell their stuff online. So, Here’s where you can help them get online and earn referral fees.

9. Provide Writing Services

Other webmasters or sites are willing to pay for your articles or blog posts. Outsourcing has grown big online and also, online business owners are always looking for free lancers who are willing to help them write in return for some compensation. So, If you can write, provide your writing service to make money online.

10. Sell Stock Photographs

There is a rather high demand for stock photography online. This is because people need pictures for websites, presentations, brochures and so on, and are willing to pay for the right image. The great thing is you do not have to be professional to sell your photographs because people generally search for images by keywords, not by photographer Therefore, you have the same chance as anyone else of having your image picked.


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