26 Rules Online Marketing

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26 Rules Online Marketing:

Golden 26 Rules Of Online Marketing When you know, respect and live fundamental truths of life, your journey becomes easier and your load much lighter.Here are fundamental truths of online marketing, of life, and of the universe. And also guide you about online marketing step by step.

1: You are responsible for your own
2: Do what you’re good at and you’ll unlock door to personal and financial success.
3: If you’re not improving, you’re falling behind.
4: Give to receive. No, I’m not necessarily talking about giving away your knowledge or products, although there are times when this can add greatly to your business. Rather, you want to always be on the lookout for ways to add value to people’s lives, especially the lives of your customers.
5: Be really really good, or possibly even great – but forget perfection.
6: To succeed you MUST believe in yourself.
7: The fastest way to increase belief in yourself is to make immediate progress.
8: Focus on accentuating your positives.
9: Embrace failure, frustration, and rejection and keep going.

10: Strive for real, tangible results every day
11: Be super-efficient in your decision making.
12: Success leaves a trail.
13: It might sound cliché, but be an eagle, not a turkey
14: Be acutely aware of change
16: You are responsible your own destiny.
17: Take decisive, consistent action.
18: Improve your communication skills.

19: Walk a mile in their shoes
20: Gain a working knowledge of every aspect of your business – then outsource mundane tasks.
21: Eat smart, eat sparingly and exercise.
22: Spend Wisely.
23: Build relationships with others in your field.
24: Build a mastermind group, then meet weekly.
25: Never stop learning and progressing, and you’ll never get bored with life.
26: Start small, think big.


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