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AdSense is a program for webmasters which was implemented by the famous Google some years ago.Essentially, a webmaster (a person who owns and builds one or more websites) signs up for an account with the program, and once they are approved, they paste the Google AdSense code into the pages on their websites.Google then starts serving ads to those websites, based on the keywords that it finds in the text of the page. When a visitor clicks on one of those ads, the webmaster earns money – usually a few cents for each click.

However, when a site has a great deal of traffic, and when the webmaster knows which keywords are the most profitable to target, there is a lot of money to be made.It sounds simple enough, but it’s not really that easy. First, you have to be approved – and Google is picky. The good news is that once one site is approved, you have a Google AdSense account, and you do not have to seek Google’s approval to use AdSense on any other site that you own, as long as that site is within the Google’s terms of service guidelines.

Table of contents:

1:Earning a Comfortable Living from AdSense Reviewed
2:What Is AdSense, Really?
3:Preparing To Set Up an AdSense Account
4:Applying For a Google AdSense Account
5:Choosing Your AdSense Site Niche Topics
6:Building Your AdSense Sites in Step-by-Step

7:AdSense Site Traffic – Traffic Techniques to Avoid
8:Article Marketing for AdSense Sites
9:Blog for Traffic and AdSense Revenue
10:Building AdSense Site Traffic with Videos
11:Applying Forum Marketing for AdSense Sites
12:SEO for AdSense Sites
13:Social Networking for AdSense Revenue
14:Using Google AdWords for AdSense Sites

15:AdSense Profits Success Factors
16:Critical AdSense Mistakes You MUST Avoid
17:AdSense Optimization for More Profits
18:Social Bookmarking Your AdSense Pages
19:Increasing Your AdSense Profits
20:Conclusion – Google AdSense Revenue

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