100 Fast List Building Techniques

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100 fast list building techniques increase your online earnings today! Discover how you can successfully build a huge list of subscribers fast and easy!

100 List Building Methods

List building is important for every business because the list is an asset that the business owns to give it special access to a customer’s personal space. Besides, it is a cheap and authentic technique of building leads, delivering valuable content, and building trust and rapport with the customers. The following are some of the strategies people can use to grow their list of subscribers as fast as possible. In practice, multiple strategies can be used at the same time since one alone cannot effectively achieve the intended goal.
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1. Creating a Landing Page

A landing page refers to the web page that the visitor arrives at or “lands” on when they visit a website. It is a standalone web page that is distinct from the main website. The land page should have no global navigation to tie it to the primary website so that it can limit the options available to visitors. The main purpose is to guide the visitors to the intended conversion goal.

2. Installing SumoMe

SumoMe refers to an application that has tons of cool mini-apps and share buttons that help people grow their lists. It allows visitors to a site to easily share the content to other platforms or other people. In the process, there is a greater exposure which often leads to more people subscribing to the mailing list.

3. Changing the Call to Action Button

Many people use common words such as “submit” or “sign up” as a call to action for people to submit their email address. However, these words and phrases are too common and have become outdated. It is important to create a call-to-action that is specific, enticing, and fun. As an example, Xo Sarah has a call to action in which she asks a question: Want to learn the top 10 tools I use to run my blog + biz every day? Inside the signup box, there is a phrase written “Hell yes- send me the list!” At least the call to action is enticing and fun. It encourages many users to share their email address for mailing purposes.

4. Using Multiple Opt-Ins

Most sites have only one opt-ins on the sidebar or at the footer. A site that attracts more subscribers should have 5 or more opt-ins to create opportunities for users to join the mailing list. The opt-ins should be located to the footer, headers, sidebar, under each blog post, and ScrollBox because no one will seek the email list.

5. Use of Comment Forms

People like to leave a comment or ask a question whenever they have read a given content. In practice, this creates an opportunity for one to collect contacts. Many people always use Disqus to manage comments on their sites. However, having a simple form at the bottom of the page can help in growing the mailing list. The form should have spaces for people to put in their email addresses so that a new subscriber can be captured.

6. Speeding up the Website

A study conducted by Walmart concluded that when the loading jumps from 1 second to 4 seconds, the conversion rate will decline. However, for each 1 second improvement in load time, a site will always report a 2% increase in its conversion rate. As a result, a person seeking to build his list should first consider the speed of the website. The load time should be as short as possible to enable more subscribers provide their email addresses when prompted.

7. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has increasingly become a popular marketing tactic in the last four years. It involves leveraging the traffic, authority, and audience of the website belonging to another person. When implemented successfully, it can drive massive jump in the number of subscribers.

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