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Discover how to finally get a web hosting account and work your way around it without any hassles. You’ll finally be able to host your web pages, images, blogs or whatever you had wished for.

The Internet or World Wide Web is a huge expanse of countless websites. These websites can range from online shopping to photo sharing, social networking to government related information. People can hop online and check their bank account balance or talk to a relative from far away, or post a photograph of the day’s events. They can read the news and check their local TV listings. While big websites that are well known most likely use a dedicated web hosting service, smaller websites might use a different type of web hosting program. Essentially, the web host provides the memory needed as well as the bandwidth allowance that is used up when people click on a website.

An idea for a website might seem easy at the moment, and the layout and design could already be embedded in your mind. But none of it is possible without the web host helping it along the way. For newbies who are just venturing out into the world of web design and website publishing, choosing the right web host can be a daunting task. It is essential to understand the inner workings of web hosting as well as know what to look for when you make your decision. Otherwise, you might not get as much as you pay for, and could end up sabotaging your own website with lack of memory, bandwidth, or server capability.

Types of Web Hosting and the Differences

No two web hosting services are alike. Free web hosting is a great concept, but it’s really only designed for the novice web designer. Or someone who just wants to have their own little niche on the web. Free web hosting sites are usually bombarded with pop up ads, banner ads, and other advertisements, which are all usually a turn off for visitors. If you’re creating a website to make money, it’s a good idea to steer clear of free web hosting services, since they will most likely cause you to lose sales. Most people see websites with tons of ads on them and click away to something else, since their first instinct is that the website must be a scam.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is one of the more common forms of hosting. But it’s also not quite as effective as some others. And shared hosting basically means that the website is on a shared server that “shares” space with other sites. While this is effective for more simple sites. It might not work well for larger, database type websites or web pages with tons of visitors. Some more well known companies now sell server space for web hosting purposes. And make a good choice for people who want to set up a website but don’t have the resources. Or funds to do so on their own dedicated server. Shared server web hosting is a good starter hosting service to get your feet wet.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting has everything a shared hosting plan has. But it’s only major difference is that as a reseller plan account holder can sell web space. As if they are their own web hosting company. Another major difference is that a reseller plan allows unlimited domains. A reseller is able to create accounts for them sites or their customers using the WHM (Web Host Manager).

VPS Hosting

A VPS, or virtual private server, is a different option for web hosting that allows each server to run on its own. With its own dedicated machine. If someone needs to perform some updates to one particular server. This can be done easily without interrupting any other servers. Most website owners also have much more detailed access to their interfaces. Since on a VPS server, each one has its own operating system as well. This is also a great choice for web designers and webmasters who want to have a lot more security. Without having to share servers, the risk of information getting into the wrong hands is definitely lessened.

Dedicated Server

Of course, the dedicated server option is by far the best, albeit in most cases the most expensive. A dedicated server means that the Webmaster owns and controls the server completely themselves. Any updates or changes are done “in house,” on site by the web designer or web designing and hosting team. Most of the time the server is stored at a data center or what is known as a collocation center. The reason for this is that servers run hot, and must be kept clean and cool. These data centers help to ensure that the servers are being stored and used at optimum temperature. The web designer or server controller can gain access to the data centers. And the servers are usually kept under lock and key.

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