Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates

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Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates

Ultimate squeeze page templates a simple hack increases conversion and subscriber loyalty five times. And now you have the power of a tool specifically designed to capture every single profitable aspect of this technique in your hands!

1) That convert between 64.4% and 73.8%

Ok first off I want to make one thing very clear. NO sales page or squeeze page ‘converts’. Its the offer that converts. While a well made page will project professionalism and certainly help your conversion rate. In the end the offer is what is or is not converting. Given that fact, that the major factor is the offer. How can anyone say that a page will convert between XXX and YYY? Answer: they cant. They cant know. The very first sentence in this sales page is total hype and nonsense. Hmm not off to a good start on this one Anwesh.

2) Makes at least $4,689.45

Wow I don’t even know where to start with this one. This statement is such nonsense it is approaching the level of being moronic. There are a couple of demo’s on here so I got to see what these templates are. These are squeeze page templates. Hmm. Squeeze pages are designed to collect emails (normally in exchange for a freebie). Squeeze pages don’t make any money. They are not suppose to make money (at least not directly). In fact the only way to make money from a squeeze page is through a later offer that you send to the list. How much you make from that will depend on the offer, the list, the sales copy of that second offer etc.

Here is Anwesh saying that his product, which is not designed to make you money directly will make you at least $4,689.45. Its pure stupidity and its not only total hype, its bad hype. Strike 2 for Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates.

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