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You are about to discover quick & easy traffic methods guarantee you generate a flood of traffic to your websites. These methods have been time-tested and ready to use by anyone — even if you procrastinate a lot!

Traffic the Lazy Way – Forum Posting

Why You Should Post on Forums

As a procrastinator, the idea of work bores you. And that’s why you put it off until there’s exactly enough time left to finish it—no more, no less.

But what if “work” looked less like work and more like a hobby? Well, that can be accomplished when you generate traffic through forum posting.
For procrastinators, that’s the upside to forum posting. It feels a lot more like recreation or leisure than “work.” But that’s not the only reason why forum posting works.

Another good feature of forum posting is that it helps you to build credibility within the very communities in which you will market your product, look for joint venture partners, and attempt to extract feedback about beta versions of your products and sites.

Finally, when it comes to generating, fast, easy traffic, few things can beat posting on a high-traffic, well-targeted forum. As soon as that thread becomes visible, thousands of people will be able to view the links in your signature, as well as the content of your post.

Creating a Forum Master List

Before you do anything else with forum marketing, your first step should be to create a master list of forums. Once you have constructed this list, you can use it to determine how you should spend most of your time on forums.

One good place to start when constructing your list is http://www.big-boards.com. Here, you will find the most comprehensive list of forums, along with a rundown of relevant vital statistics.

As an example, you might be trying to generate traffic for a site that helps people to restore old cars. You would then navigate to the “cars” section of Big Boards:

Here, you will find a variety of different car forums: Honda Tech, Club RSX, NAISOC Forums, Bimmerforums, and more than 250 others. Creating a master list is simply a matter of checking out the vital statistics and determining which fit your criteria.

Managing Your Time Effectively

When it comes to actually posting on forums, it is important to be mindful about how you use your time. Sure, reading and posting is partly recreation and partly work, but remember that running a successful Internet-based business involves a lot more than just posting on forums, so don’t let it drain all of your time.

Instead, try to allocate a certain amount of time each day to posting on forums (say, 1-2 hours). Even if you don’t follow that regimen perfectly, try to do your best attain that time on average.

Using a Signature

One of the most important parts of generating traffic effectively through forum posting is using a good signature. In some cases, you will be able to create a signature associated with your posts as soon as you create your profile; however, in other cases, you will need to accumulate a certain amount of posts before you can do so.

Once you are able to create a signature, you should do so. A good signature should contain a link to your site, along with a brief, enticing description of what you offer there (i.e. a free report, a free newsletter, or a free piece of software).

Once your signature is in place, the next step is to create some high-quality posts; and to respond to existing threads with good replies. This will encourage people to click on your signature and check out the site.

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