The New Internet Marketing Shift

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Learning about the new internet marketing revolution can have amazing benefits for your life and success!

Sometimes when the topic of social media comes up, a collective moan ensues. What if they don’t like our product or service? What about damage control? We need to command our message! And so forth.

What’s the bottom line for brands concerned about getting social media incorrect? The train is departing the station with or without you. Conversations about your brand are going to occur, irrespective of whether you choose to participate. Don’t sit down on the sidelines. Embrace the conversation and engage.

Even if you take nothing else from this book, let me leave you with this: when it bears on social media, recall the golden rule. If you would be put off by a promotional tactic, your audience likely wouldn’t like it, and if you find something so exciting you want to share it with all your acquaintances, there’s a great chance your audience will, also. Use good sense, and remember that social media networks mirror how we interact in real life.


  • Once a voguish women’s shoe designer was seeking a way to obtain more business and there was already a favorable buzz surrounding the brand. Their shoes were being featured in fashion magazines. All the same, the designer had only a set reach, so taking advantage of the existing word of mouth by constructing a social media buzz made complete sense.
  • If planning and carrying out an online game or competition seems intimidating, you are able to always come back to basics and appeal to a general human reality: individuals love free junk.
  • When the company Vitamin Water chose to set up a fresh flavor, it chucked the labs and focus groups and marking authorities and addressed social media networks.
  • It lifts the spirits to do good things, and if you are able to inspire other people to follow suit, even better.
  • Do something fun and amusing to get people’s attention.

If you’re just beginning and not making any income yet on

Table Of Contents :

1: Throw A Game Or Contest
2: Give Aways
3: Gain Loyalty By Providing A Stake In The Brand
4: Build Credibility By Helping Others
5: Have Some Fun

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