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Killer Visual Headlines

“Killer Visual Headlines” is a collection of 25 different PSD templates that will make it super easy for you to create awesome looking headlines. These templates come with professionally formatted text with all the cool effects already in place like: the best fonts, color combinations, drop shadows, strokes, underlines, highlights, etc..

All of this stuff is already in place for you, and all you have to do is just copy and paste your own text into the templates… and you have a killer headline ready to go in minutes.

And since you get layered PSD source files, you can also customize and edit these templates further (if you want), with your own fonts, your own colors, your own effects, etc..

It’s a very flexible and easy to use set of templates, and something you’ll come back to over and over again when ever you need some fancy looking text for your websites.

A headline should summarize the page

Don’t try and re-tell the story of your page in one sentence and call that the headline. First of all, that’s simply not possible. Second, if you take this approach, your headline will either be very bland and boring, or it won’t make sense. Rather than trying to encapsulate the entire body of work in one sentence, try picking out the single most interesting or surprising idea and use that as the basis for your headline.

As long as it’s attention-grabbing, say whatever you want!

Also a bad idea. Sure, you might draw lots of eyeballs and clicks.

But if your page has absolutely nothing to do dogs and cats, then that traffic won’t stick around for long. They certainly won’t make it far enough through your page to buy from you or subscribe. Click-bait headlines like these simply don’t produce the results that you’re going for. The headline must be relevant to the content on the page. It should be intriguing, or surprising, or even shocking in some way. But that should be a lead-in to get the full scoop further down the page.

Size doesn’t matter. Headlines can be as long or short as we want!

When it comes to writing that top headline, size actually does matter, to an extent. The only rule of thumb I’d give you here is don’t make the headline too long. If the top headline on your landing page spans three or more lines. The length will soften the impact of a great headline. A great headline hits you like a ton of bricks and grabs your attention. Three or four lines of really big text takes a few moments for a reader to sift through. Which in this fast-paced world of the web, can be an eternity.

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