Growth Hacking 101

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Growth Hacking 101

Growth hacking began as a trend but is quickly becoming a necessity. With the ever-expanding growth of the Internet, growth hacking is absolutely vital when bringing products and services to customers.

For years, marketers were in charge of pushing products while coders were fully responsible for entering and building code, or a platform. Now, however, these words have merged to create a single system of true growth, known as growth hacking. Marketing will always be an essential element. But it’s important to have a single individual or handful of employees. Who focus solely on the narrow growth of the company.

The Internet has truly created a new way for businesses to grow, seemingly overnight in some scenarios. Consumers no longer have to feel tricked in terms of product. Because product features can be directly involved in growth hacking strategies. In addition to these elements, growth hackers also understand that channels of distribution are no longer A to B, and any sale is a positive note.

Instead, channels are now moved or even created due to the channels created by social media. This could include new websites or even popular blogs from trending individuals outside of the entertainment arena. While hacking marketing is currently implied to resolve around startups, it will soon be implemented into even the largest organizations. In this guide, you’ll go in detail on how you can grow your business. Build your portfolio and brand using the power of the Internet.

Internet Marketing Basics

Essentially, convincing others to visit a particular site, download a specific app, or purchase a certain product all comes down to Internet marketing. Whether a business or individual decides to hire a certain person or small group of people, those within the Internet marketing field usually consists of those with backgrounds in either business or even the IT department.

Building Your Portfolio

When debating the best time to begin a portfolio, the answer is always immediately. Even for those who are brand new in a field, it’s never too early to start and there is nowhere to go but up. Whether individuals are seeking a portfolio for either writing, graphic design, or even internet marketing, the basic idea is to begin a portfolio with plans to consistently update and revise the work, in order to always show off an individual’s best performance.

Finding Your Niche

More often than not, consumers will find themselves rolling their eyes and taking a big sigh at the latest and greatest infomercials about the new must-have gadget of the season. It can be difficult to imagine the ideal product for the masses and many times, creating the ideal gadget is nearly impossible so predicting the gadget of the season is up in the air. Rather than trying to create demand, consider filling demand by taking the time to conduct research and fill a niche area.

Table of Contents:


  1. Internet Marketing Basics
  2. Building Your Portfolio
  3. Finding Your Niche
  4. Methods of Success
  5. Growth Hacker Marketing
  6. Step-by-Step Hacking Process
  7. Building A Funnel
  8. Gaining Visitors
  9. Understanding Push Tactics
  10. Using Product Tactics
  11. Activation & Closing Statements
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