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“Fast Cash Now” is a very practical e-book that will give you many workable ideas that you can use to make money online fast. One thing to note though, you cannot become rich with my methods, but you can make an additional $100-$200 quick money in just a week. You must also realize that you will need to work online to make extra money. They are not scams and they are not illegal. In fact, the work presented is very easy to do! The best way to make money is to work on a freelance basis and be your own boss.

If you need a little fast cash now or simply want to get out of the 9 to 5 grind then you need this ebook. I will show you how to make extra money right now. You will learn a variety of ways to earn some money without having to go get a college degree or even do much searching. You will learn a little about freelancing and all the different options that are out there for you.

All the information you need is right here in this ebook. Take note that some of the works listed are not online work. They are mainly offline work but they are found online. You see, there are a group of people looking for you for some quick work done and are willing to part their cash for your time. The first chapter introduces you to the types of work you can do to earn some fast money. In this chapter you will see that there is something for everyone to do to earn some fast cash. Whether you have special skills or simply just have the desire to do some work, you can make cash quickly.

The second chapter offers some helpful advice that will make it easier for you to make some good money. Included here is information about Paypal, multiple streams of income and preparing your resume. It also talks about what a freelancer is and special things you need to know when doing freelance work. Read through this part because this information is important for you to be able to get started today making money

In this e-book, I will share:

  • 4 online resources that you can use to make money immediately!
  • Understand what types of work that may be suitable for you.
  • Understand the supplies that you need to make money online
  • 4 categories of work where you can make money
  • How to make fast cash with your knowledge!
    And more!

Table of contents:

1: Introduction
2: I want to make money NOW!
3: Types of Work
4: Tips for Choosing What Type of Work To Do
5: Before You Start – Important Information To Know
6: Writing Jobs : Creative Thoughts for Cash
7: Sales Jobs: Products for Profits
8: Administration/Clerical Jobs: Typing, Filing and Office Work
9: Miscellaneous Jobs: Odds and Ends that Equal Money
10: A Quick Warning
11: Conclusion

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