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Every day, in every country on planet Earth, somebody, somewhere decides that they need more money by exploiting Ezine Articles. And that the best way of getting that extra cash is to start doing something’ online. In my experience of working with and training people who are just starting out trying to make money on the internet. Most have very little idea of what they want to do, or where the first cents or dollars are going to come from.

In fact, the vast majority of Newbies’ that I have encountered and worked with have literally had no idea. Whatsoever about business, or how to make money by running one. Nevertheless, for these people, making money online was something that they definitely wanted to try, and I am very happy to say that many of them did so, and succeeded in their efforts. But, this apparent keenness to jump into something that they really did not understand with both feet raises an interesting question. What is it about running a business online that makes it so different. To doing so in the offline world of bricks and mortar’ businesses.

Table of Contents:

1: Introduction
2: What is Ezine articles?
3: Initial research is crucial
4: How do you make money?
5: Adding very quick content to your site or blog
6: Writing your first articles
7: What’s next?
8: How to turn one article into over 1500
9: Many accounts and pen names Reverse engineering
10: Ezinearticles
11: Conclusion

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