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Expired Domains Manager

Discover little-known available domains that top marketers and firms long to get their paws on before they do! A powerful tool that helps you discover Expired Domains name, available domains and more in less than a minute!

You have a great idea for a blog or webpage. It’s going to be about a niche that you love. And you figured out that probably not many people are into this niche or even know what it’s all about. Then you go to godaddy.com to register that domain name. And to your shock and utter frustration, found that it was already taken months ago. Many newbie marketers get really uptight and angry about this. And they wonder how others managed to register their domains so fast.

One thing to note:

The ‘gurus’ and veteran marketers are more or less the culprits behind this time after time. You see, certain domain names have keywords in them that make them very popular, for instance, easydogtraining.com- Three keywords are involved here which are easy, dog and training. And people who key in these words while searching for dog training have a higher chance of stumbling upon the site.

Introducing: Expired Domains Manager

In this simple to use yet powerful software, you will never have to worry about wasting time to find good domains finder for your new sites, ever. Just a few of the functions this amazing software comes with include. All domain names discovered are added to the domain name manager. Which sorts domain names by length, making it so easy to look for the domain you want. Domain Name Browser collects all URLs on each page you visit, and checks to see if they’re register while you browse without worry. Top Level Domains function searches for domains on any domain, including obscure and country-specific domains.

A Domain name browser which looks through pages viewed for domain names and checks to see if they are expire. So, you can discover amazing domain gems just by using this! Domain Name Creator: This part of the software will also create and check the availability of thousands of domain for sales. So you won’t have to rack your brains to do so!

Easily enter a search term for the program to automatically search through Yahoo! and Google looking for expired domains name. Targeted domain search – The program will search for all two, three or four letter domain names. According to what you wish to look for! A comprehensive list of millions of potential domain names, you can easily check for availability. Talk about spoilt for choice! Easily create your own word list to search for and find that perfect domain name you always wanted! Huge word lists from computer terms to business words, to entire dictionaries. Which can be check for availability in just a few clicks! And much, much more!

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