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Digital Nomad Secrets Gold

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The 5-Minute Guide to a Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Work Remotely and Travel The World

While browsing Facebook, you might have come across some images and some adverts of people calling themselves ‘digital nomads’. These are people who grab a laptop, come up with a way to earn money online. And then head out into the great open world. They might be gone a few months, they might be gone for a few years! But because they are able to earn money online, there is absolutely nothing stopping them from staying as long as they want and from going wherever they please. These people have truly achieved real freedom – which is something that many of us can only aspire to or dream of!

Making the Transition to Working Online

Of course the big road block for many people is making the transition to working online. If you’re not someone who has experience with running a business, or working online. Then you might not have any ideas as to how you can go about making money on the road or feeling safe enough to quit your current job.

Cutting Costs

You can help yourself along by reducing the costs of travel while you’re out there. That might mean that you decide to stay in hostels, or it might mean that you even use couch surfing! You can find cheaper flights on SkyScanner and by flying with budget airlines. Or you could make it cheaper still by going on a road trip rather than flying!

How to Enjoy Your Travel and Balance Work

Now you’re on the plane, you have a working business model in mind and you’re ready to start putting that plan into action as soon as you land. It’s a scary feeling though and probably you’ll be wondering how you’re going to manage a business. When you don’t have an office or how you’re going to balance your work with your travel!

Amazing Moments

If you find the idea of sitting in bars and cafes working off-putting, then try to think about it in a different way. One of the surprising benefits of being a digital nomad is just how inspiring some of the situations you’ll be working in are.

Making the Most of Your Freedom

Of course though, the real highlight will be the time in-between! It will be the moment when you’re sitting on a swing bench in the evening. Listening to the ocean lapping on the shore and the sounds of a distant party. You hold your drink and you look into the eyes of an amazing person you just met, who is telling you about their incredible travels – and you wonder if you might kiss?

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