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Product Description

Squidoo as just another social networking website. They might alternately view it as just another blogging community. In fact, it is a combination of blogging and social networking, taken to an ultimate level. It is more of a social effort than a social networking site, wherein the effort is to easily find thethings on the Internet that matter to specific groups of people.It essentially gives you a place on the web to direct other people to the places that you want them to visit. You build your page based on what matters to you – the things that you know about and want to teach others, or for things that you want to sell, such as your products, or affiliate products.

Through Squidoo, you can not only get more traffic to your own blog or web pages, and make more sales, but you have the added bonus of being able to earn half of the revenue that is earned by the creators of Squidoo from your page. You can elect to have that money sent to you, or sent directly to your favorite charity.

Squidoo, all summed up, becomes the ultimate ‘word-of-mouth’ tool on the Internet today. Users have found a real community exists at Squidoo, and they have also found that they get increased traffic to their other sites, and that they ultimately make more sales – and you can too, if you know what you are doing. At Squidoo, you can create a lens, which will be covered in more detail later. Each lens essentially consists of one page, and that one page has links to more pages – either to your site, to other lenses, or to other web pages altogether – and you control where your Squidoo lens page links to.

Table of Contents:

1:What Is Squidoo?
2:What is A Lens?
3:Getting Started
4:Use Keyword Rich Content
5:Max Your Lens
6:A Visit Given is a Visit Earned
7:The All Important Biography
8:Using RSS to Build Your Lens
9:The Importance of the Bookmarklet
10:Start or Join Groups
11:Links, Links, and More Links
12:Have Your Current Customers Use Squidoo
13:Spice Up Your Lens
14:Actively Market Your Lens

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