7 Traffic Sources for Fastest Profits

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7 Traffic Sources for Fastest Profits

Learn about the 7 traffic sources for fastest profits for beginners! If you are a blogger or an online business owner, you already knew how important traffic is to your business. As you may already have heard that traffic is the life-blood of your business website. And if you don’t have those traffic, your business will surely die in the blue.

So, the good news is that, inside this product is an audio that will give you 7 traffic sources that you can attract and generate the fastest possible.

1: Google Search

Roughly 30 cents out of every dollar spent on online advertising is spent with Google. Of that, roughly 70% is spent on search. Why? Because it works.

Google has the absolute best platform for advertising online. Entire books have been written about it. They have over 1 billion active users, searching all hours of the day for solutions to their problem.

By advertising through Google’s search network, you can get people who are actively looking for a solution to their problem, and give it to them.

2: Google Display

In addition to the ads Google lets you run next to the search results on their site, they offer something that can be even bigger. They have a huge network of other websites who’ve agreed to run Google ads on their own sites, in exchange for a chunk of the advertising fees.

In fact, Search allows you to respond to someone’s stated problem (what they are searching for on Google). The Display Network is interrupt advertising — you divert them from what they were doing.

3: Facebook

Facebook’s audience is almost as big as Google’s. And it can be a huge source of qualified traffic for your offers.

It requires a different tact than search advertising. Folks go to Google to find answers to their problems (think Yellow Pages), while they go to Facebook to kill time (think coffee shops).

4: Ad Networks

Like Google has display advertising that allows you to put your ads on thousands of different websites, there are other companies that have set up similar networks. Further, they allow you to do remarketing on their networks, as well — bringing customers back to your website, using advertising on other sites.

5: Others’ Email Lists

This is a secret weapon for traffic to your website, and also, can get you HUGE volumes of qualified traffic, fast.

Find a business or publisher that has an email list of good potential customers. And in one way or another, work your way into their emails.

6: Offline Media

In our mass exodus out of print media and to digital, marketers have left a vacuum. There are sill a ton of newspaper, magazine, journal, and other print media readers. So, they are good customers. And also, the level and quality of advertising they’ve seen in recent years has decreased.

7: Direct Mail

The least crowded inbox is the one we grew up with.” Like other offline media, the mailbox is increasingly void of advertising quality or quantity.

And while the total universe of buyers’ mailing addresses has gone down, direct mail still represents a huge opportunity for website owners to drive traffic.

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